Why ParentUp

I am Galina, founder of ParentUp


When I became a parent, I had no idea what I was supposed to do and how I was supposed to parent. I naturally started remembering how my mum raised me and tried a few things out. It didn't feel right, something was really off that did not agree with me. 

I started searching for answers in other places: I went online, facebook groups, blogs, website etc..  I felt totally overwhelmed by the number of  advice and instructions on how to manage and fix kids.  There was a lot about what parents SHOULD NOT do, but  not much what we WANT to do. 

I worked for one of the worlds’ largest tech companies, lived and worked across different countries and continents. Miraculously at the same time I had something big happening in my career. I was in charge of delivering leadership trainings and teaching managers how to coach. But I felt like something big was missing. I had no formal coaching education at that moment, all I knew was from the books and based on my intuition. 

I felt ashamed and I made a decision to apply for a professional coach training and certification. Through my learning journey it finally clicked!!! I found the answers that I was searching for in my parenting path. 


I already knew what I needed to know to be a great parent. But I also became aware that I was missing fundamental parenting skills like emotional literacy, active listening, powerful questioning and more... All of these are not particularly unique skills for parenting, these are life skills that unfortunately nobody teaches us when we are kids. 

I wish that somebody taught me about the feelings when I was a child. This would have saved me some troubles and mistakes in my life that I hugely regret. I wish that somebody educated me on how to listen actively and notice what is not being said, how to connect to the person and make him feel felt and understood.

In my head I was screaming:  “why, why nobody is teaching us this?” 

I have a dream, a big dream.. that every school would have something dramatically different in their curriculum, that schools will teach subjects like emotional literacy, communication skills and more in these fields.

ParentUp is my first step in helping raise a healthier generation for the future…


Before Galina began her ParentUp journey , she was working for years as senior executive for one of the world’s largest tech company. She led medium and large teams of highly capable and motivated individuals, opened international offices, and developed leadership programs and courses.
She worked and lived on several continents, and coached and trained in numerous countries including USA, Australia, UK , China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Germany and Hungary.  Galina’s cultural awareness helps her support and understand international goals and success.
She is a professional coach, group facilitator and workshop leader.
Galina is a mother of two, professional swimmer and triathlete.

Galina is certified ICF Professional Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Certified, and Betterup Conscious Coach.

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