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Become great at Parenting

ParentUp is a place where parents learn essential skills to be brilliant parents. Offering Online Courses, Coaching Services and Parenting Talks


Upgrade Your Parenting skills to the Next Level! live, interactive and online courses

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7 Powerful Tools to Manage Tantrums and Meltdowns

Unlock powerful parenting strategies under 60 minutes. Get additional resources to augment your learning.

Parenting from Good to Great

Bite-Sized Learning experience with practical tools. It will fit even your busiest days so you get powerful, lasting results in the shortest time possible

Discipline Redefined

Break through the outdated traditional disciplining methods. Learn hacks and tools used by the world best parenting coaches, educators and their followers.


"The single biggest challenge you face as a parent is that the daily life, routine and circumstances are so much bigger than you are."


Does this sound like you?

Do you sometimes doubt yourself as an effective parent? Do you become concerned that your choices may have a negative long-term impact on your child? Do you wonder if what your parents did that worked with you will be effective when parenting your children? Are you looking for a tool to parent in the constantly changing world?


Are You trained for the most important job in your life?

Are you the adult that you want your child to grow up to be?
Parenting is a skill. Just like any other skills you need to learn, practice and master it.


ParentUp philosophy is based on a simple principle: “Transform yourself to transform your parenting"

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The Parenting Transformation Process

Become totally self-aware of who you are as a parent. Change your unhelpful, limiting beliefs and behaviours. Acquire and practice fundamental parenting skills.



Ways How You Can Start Today

Are you ready, able and willing to start your journey and transform yourself and your parenting?


On-Demand Self-paced Courses

Awaken, Transform, Master

Online courses are designed to develop all types of parenting skills: from powerful questioning, active listening to coaching, understanding and managing emotions, suspending the judgments and ‘not knowing”. They encourage you to apply what you have learned through practical exercises. All courses are streamlined and to the point.


Personalised Coaching

What you need to know about Parenting Coaching

A Parenting Coach asks questions in the non-judgmental manner, checks how the parent feels and what he/she wants, the coach invites the parents to look inside themselves for answers, listens to the parents. Coaching is very solutions focused and oriented. Coaching is not counselling, therapy or mentoring. Parenting Coaching is all about parents believing in themselves and their kids, trusting that have all the best answers already inside them.


Live & Interactive Talks

Parenting Talks at schools, communities, organizations and businesses

Do you want to provide Parenting Support for your community, employees, parents or clients? Do you want your teachers or educators to get additional knowledge or tools to perform at their best in their jobs? Each talk I offer usually lasts around 1.5-2 hours. Note that content can be customized depending on the kid's age group you require or interested in.

What Parents Say About ParentUp

Meet other transformed parents who chose to learn, practice and master their parenting skills with ParentUp.  



 A perfect balance of theory and hands-on

The course gave me significant awareness and practical tools to better help me interact with my kid and manage his emotions. A perfect balance of theory and hands-on content, very easy to understand and super useful to improve my mother skills. Thank you Galina for sharing your expertise and looking forward to put those tools in practice!


My Story

ParentUp is my first step in helping raise a healthier generation for the future…

I am Galina - the founder of ParentUp. When I became a parent, I had no idea what I was supposed to do and how I was supposed to parent. I naturally started remembering how my mum raised me and tried a few things out. It didn't feel right, something was really off that did not agree with me.


Are your ready to upgrade Your Parenting skills to the Next Level

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ParentUp is a place where parents learn essential skills to be brilliant parents. It enables parents and caretakers to feel confident about the way they parent, it gives them all the tools they need for effective and empowering communication with their kids in every step of their parenting journey. Offering Online Courses, Coaching Services and Parenting Talks.