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Parenting does not have to be frustrating or confusing.

The ONLY parenting course that will give you the best in class coaching tools and techniques that will bring your parenting struggles to an end.

Parenting from Good to Great


Why Great Parenting Skills Are So Important

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of parents say that parenting is the biggest challenge

Source: National Parent Survey


of parents say that if they knew more positive parenting strategies. they would use them

Source: National Parent Survey


of moms and 85% of dads feel judged about the way they parent

Source: National Parent Survey


That is why we created this master course

Parenting: from Good to Great

You will start seeing your child for WHO HE IS, an authentic human who wants to be HEARD, SEEN, FELT IMPORTANT and who needs unique parenting approach that is only YOURS and nobody else’s.

You will redefine your parenting vision and shift from the Traditional Parenting style to your very Unique Parent-Child relationship approach.

You will also learn the art of asking powerful questions and hear some of the best coaching secrets that will turn you into the greatest parent you always wanted to be.


Course Modules

This is how the course is structured so you get powerful, lasting results in the shortest time possible.

Welcome to the course

  • Welcome message from Galina - your parenting coach

  • Setting your intention

  • Personal and parenting inventories

4 Steps Great Parents Take To Create Emotional Safety

  • What is required to feel emotionally safe?

  • Step 1: Acceptance

  • Step 2: Trust

  • Step 3: Permission

  • Step 4: Suspended Judgments

Great parents shift from Telling to Asking

  • Part 1. The traditional parenting mindset

  • Part 2. Parenting on auto-pilot

  • Part 3: The ideal parent–child relationship

  • Part 4: The Should and Want models

  • Part 5: Coaching as a way to create the ideal relationship

  • Part 6. Daily opportunities to coach your kids

  • Part 7: Connect and then Coach

What great parents do when judgments kick in

  • Part 1. Understanding judgments and why we judge

  • Part 2: Feelings and mirrors under every judgment

  • Part 3: Alternative to judgments

Great parents don’t tell, they coach (1)

  • Part 1: Great parents ask powerful questions

  • Part 2: The 2 most important questions to ask your kids

  • Part 3: Great parents ask open-ended questions

  • Part 4: Change your ‘Why’ questions

  • Part 5: What’s better than a ‘How’ question?

Great parents don’t tell, they coach (2)

  • Part 6: Questions for developing a Growth Mindset

  • Part 7: Controlling and leading questions

  • Part 8: How to deal with “I don’t know” and “I can’t”

  • Part 9: Great parents use Incisive Questions


This is what will be different in your life by the end of this course


Gain knowledge about Emotional Safety and what’s needed to have it  with your kids

Recognise when Parenting on Autopilot kicks in

Shift from Telling to Asking


Manage your judgments and turn them into opportunities to connect with your kids

Transform your communication skills

Apply ParentUp Hacks to create daily opportunities to coach your kids


Become a master of asking Powerful Parenting Questions

Embrace Growth Mindset and inspire your kids to do the same

Stop telling, start coaching


What Parents Say about ParentUp

Meet other transformed Parents


Before the course I felt insecure about how to react and talk to my son in situations where I don't agree with his actions. At times I found myself frustrated and helplessness. Firstly, the course helped me understand my son's actions and reactions much better. I learned how my son's brain works (left brain versus right brain, etc), and secondly, it gave me inspirations and ideas on how I could talk to my son and react to him in better ways. After the course I feel I'm on the right path and I was introduced to a lot of ideas and ways of how I can deal with my son. I feel like now I have several options and a much better understanding of his behaviour.


How Much is it?

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Parenting from Good to Great

  • 37 lesson of training material. Presented in bitesize learning videos (over 2 hours), quizzes and activities.

  • You'll receive a companion workbook to deepen your self-awareness, accelerate your transformation and to master new skills.

  • The course is based on the ATM process and the modules will follow your Awaken, Transform and Master steps.

  • The structure of the course is set to create AHA-moments, increase your self-awareness and allow you to choose freely how to shift your mindset.

  • Changes do not come overnight, they come with practice and consistency .

  • And don’t forget to have Fun and Enjoy the Journey


We Believe in Succes

If, after hearing from other parents, you are still unsure if ParentUp is a good fit for your family, just remember you are backed by our Guarantee. If for any reason you decide you want a refund, simply contact us within 30 days of purchasing the course and we will refund you the money


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