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Best Cartoons and Movies that teach Kids Feelings and Emotions

I often receive a request for resources like books, movies and cartoons that can teach children about emotions. This week I put together a movie and cartoon list (broken down by age group) about feelings and emotions.

You will find really popular movies like "Inside Out" and "Up" (my son's favorite) as well as lesser-known titles and short animated movies like "One Small Step” Download this PRINTABLE list of 39 cartoons and movies about feelings to teach kids about emotional literacy. Discussing cartoons and movies could become a very special ritual between you and your child. I wanted to offer a few questions that you can use in the discussions with your child. · What is the best part of the movie? What did you like about it so much? · What did the character do that it made you feel it was a highlight of the movie? · What was no-so-best part of the movie? Why is that? · What was the challenge that main character was facing? · How did he resolve it? · What did you learn from this cartoon? · What would you do if you were the main character? · What would help you to solve the problem if you were the main character? · If you were to meet the main character right now, what advice would you give him? · What advice would he give you? · What do you feel was the most important part of the movie?

Try these using these questions with your child and you might notice how they grow in their emotional literacy. If this was helpful, you will love these Born To Feel Magnets ! Go to shop page explore designs and sets that are available for you to choose from.

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