Fridge POP Out Magnet - PRINCESS - 24 Emotions

Fridge POP Out Magnet - PRINCESS - 24 Emotions

Best for ages: 4+

Dimensions: 2 sheets 25 x 19 CM

Exclusive Design, printed in high-quality magnet

A fun and colorful feelings magnet set for your child to use at home. 


24 POP Out Emotions:

Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Excited, Brave, Shy, Sorry, Jealous, Surprised, Embarrassed, Frustrated, Left out, Curious, Grumpy, Proud, Guilty, Uncomfortable, Hurt, Bored, Nervous, Confident, Confused, Sensitive

  • How to use the Born to Feel Magnets

    The BORN TO FEEL magnets can be used by children on their own, or together with parents.

    These are just some ideas of how they could be used, but there could be so many other creative ways to make the best use of them.


    1. We recommend placing your BORN TO FEEL magnets at your child's height. It could be on the fridge, or any metallic surface.
    2. Introduce the child to the magnets when they are calm and ready to learn. During the tantrum the learning centre of your child’s brain is shut down. Which is why we do not recommend introducing the magnets in the middle of a tantrum. Most likely it’ll become a throwing object than a learning tool.
    3. Go through each emotion and ask your child to ‘act them out’. They can imitate the facial expressions they see on the magnets. Ask them to repeat the names of the emotions.
    4. Help them understand that feelings come and go. They can change throughout the day. They can also feel more than one emotion at a time. For example, they can feel anger and sadness simultaneously during a tantrum.
    5. Help your kids to notice and recognize the facial expressions and body language. So they can identify emotions in others and develop empathy.
    6. Look for opportunities to show how to use the language of emotions in practice. For example: “You sister bumped her head. What do you think she is feeling? She must feel hurt”. Or “Did you notice how your friend felt when you told him “I do not want to play with you anymore”. Do you think he was feeling left out?”
    7. Calm and Positive moments. Encourage your child to use magnets not only when Big and Unhelpful emotions pass. It’s essential to talk about positive emotions. Ask a question: What am you feeling (right now)? Ask your child to look at the magnets and pick out the one that resonates the most.
    8. Reflection tool. After the tantrum use the magnets to ask, “What feeling did you feel?” and “How did you get to this feeling”. Then you ask another question about the future: “Next time how do you want to feel instead?” and ask your child to pick a magnet that will show how he wants to feel.
    9. Be a role model. Reinforce the use of the magnets by modelling how to use them. Remember that children learn by watching us doing the things. Children get motivated when they see parents invested in the process themselves. They trust that process if they see you consistently applying this tool in practice yourself! For example if you are reading a book you can say: “I feel curious about how this story ends. Do you feel the same way? Do have any guesses?”
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