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ParentUp is a place where parents, caretakers and educators learn essential skills to be brilliant around the kids.

On-Demand Self-Paced Courses

Awaken, Transform, Master

Online courses are designed to develop all types of parenting skills: from powerful questioning, active listening to coaching, understanding and managing emotions, suspending the judgments and ‘not knowing”. They encourage you to apply what you have learned through practical exercises. All courses are streamlined and to the point. The courses are set as  Bite-Sized Learning experiences with practical tools. It will fit even your busiest days so you get powerful, lasting results in the shortest time possible.

Personalised Coaching

What you need to know about Parenting Coaching

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what coaching is. Many believe that coaching is purely about football and sports, or that coaching is for executives in the corporate world. Well…it is a myth. Coaching is for everyone! Every person should have a coach including parents. Coaching is not a profession. Coaching is a lifestyle. Coaching is a parenting style. What exactly is coaching? Coaching is partnering with the parents in a thought-provoking and creative manner that inspires them to discover, choose, and maximize their parenting potential.

A Parenting Coach asks questions in the non-judgmental manner, checks how the parent feels and what he/she wants, the coach invites the parents to look inside themselves for answers, listens to the parents. Coaching is very solutions focused and oriented. Coaching is not counselling, therapy or mentoring. Parenting Coaching is all about parents believing in themselves and their kids, trusting that have all the best answers already inside them.

Live & Interactive Parenting Talks

Talks at schools, communities, organizations and businesses

Do you want to provide Parenting Support for your community, employees, parents or clients? Do you want your teachers or educators to get additional knowledge or tools to perform at their best in their jobs? Each talk I offer usually lasts around 1.5-2 hours. Note that content can be customized depending on the kid's age group you require or interested in.


ParentUp is for parents, caretakers and educators who are craving for knowledge and want to use alternative ways of communicating with the kids.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with ParentUp:

  • Design your own parenting strategy and vision before you become a parent.

  • Consult and be coached to find the best and customized approach to communicating with your kids.

  • Participate in Parenting Talks and Workshops.

  • Join online and offline training programs and courses to learn parenting skills.

  • Receive support from the community and ParentUp team.